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General Tracks Order Tracks

Combat Style

Tracks are the final component in defining a character. Tracks serve two purposes: they can form the backbone of a character's connection to the world, and they provide characters access to the most powerful and unique abilities.

Declaring a Track

In order for characters to gain access to a Track, they must declare that they are working towards a particular Track. A character who has declared a track but does not yet meet the prerequisites for the first tier is considered an Initiate and at Tier 0.

There are two different types of Tracks: General Tracks, and Order Tracks. Order Tracks are associated with specific organizations, locations, religious denominations, governments, armies, ethnic groups, and so on. General Tracks aren't bound in such a way. Any character may declare a General Track, but in order to declare an Order Track, the character must have the proper ties to the organization, government, group, or so on. Progression in an Order track requires that the character be in steady communication with that group in some way. Acquiring a training manual (or similar item) may be sufficient to progress in an Order Track in some cases.


A character may declare up to two Tracks. Neither of these tracks may be exclusive tracks. When Multritracking, a character may not advance to the next tier of more than one Track at the same time. If a character qualifies for tier upgrades in two Tracks, he must choose which one to take at this level and then take the other one the next time the character levels up.

Exclusive Tracks

Tracks that are defined as "Exclusive" require that from that point on, the character must only progress towards that Track. A character cannot declare any other Tracks if he declares an exclusive Track, and he must devote 50% of his Upgrade Points towards progressing in that Track.

The repercussions of breaking from an exclusive track vary depending on the track. In general, it is very difficult if not impossible to start a track again.

Structure of a Track

A track is broken up into tiers. Each tier provides new abilities and bonuses to the character. The tiers all have prerequisites of skill modifiers, feats, class features, and others that a character must meet to unlock that tier.