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Skill List

General Skill — Intuition

The Survival skill allows characters to operate and survive in the wilderness.

Specific Uses


This action is used to gather food and supplies and find shelter.

Action DC Time Taken
Collect food for 1 character for a day 15 2 hours
- For 2 characters 18 2.5 hours
- For 3 characters 20 3 hours
- For 4 characters 25 3.5 hours
Create shelter from mild elements (light rain) 15 1 hour
- light elements (abnormal temperatures) 18 1.5 hours
- medium elements (rain) 25 2.5 hours
- heavy elements (torrential rain, blizzard) 30 3.5 hours
Starting a Fire
Action DC
Start a fire 15
Dry wood readily available -2
Rained recently +2
Currently raining +4
Torrential rain +6
No proper tools +8
Find/Create Potable Water
Location DC
Forest 15
Plains/Grassland 20
Scrub Desert 25
Sandy Desert 30
At Sea 35
Recently Rained -10

For every 5 points that a character exceeds the DC, the time is cut by a quarter. Obviously some conditions, such as a large freshwater river or the presence of snow will make a check to find water unnecessary.

Failure to find or create potable water in cases where water is plentiful (i.e. not the desert) can cause Disease by drinking impure water.

Starting a fire requires necessary tools. If no such tools are available, the DC goes up and it takes twice as long.

Creating shelter creates a space large enough for 4 people and completely protects them from the ill effects of the appropriate weather type. This structure is not portable in any way. Creating a larger space takes appropriately more time - 8 people would take double normal time, for example. If you are currently being subjected to the elements you are preparing against you cannot Take 10 - otherwise you can.

Sustenance also provides protection against extreme temperatures (see Environment). For every two points you beat a DC of 20, you gain a +1 bonus on checks against that temperature range. You may cover other characters with this survival check, but each additional person increases your DC by 2. Other characters can of course make this check for themselves as well.


DC Mods
Situation DC mod
Dense terrain (jungle) + 5
Rough terrain (mountains) + 5

This action is used to move through wilderness.

If a character's check to determine direction of travel fail by more than 5, the character selects the wrong direction and becomes lost. Every hour, the character may make a DC 25 survival check to realize that he is lost, allowing him to reassess his direction

Action DC
Determine Direction of travel 20
Move at 1/4 Overland Speed 15
- 1/2 overland speed 20
- 3/4 overland speed 25
- full overland speed 30


Track Check Modifier
Situation Check Mod
Terrain is soft (mud, snow) +5
-- Terrain is spongy (moss, leaves)) --
-- Terrain is firm (dirt, grass) -5
-- Terrain is hard (rock, wood) -10
Every day since the trail was made -2
-- Every hour of rain -2
-- Every hour of snow -5
Every additional character beyond 1 +1
-- Every horse/pack animal in the group +2
-- Characters hide their tracks -5

This action is used for tracking characters or groups of characters. The tracker rolls a Survival Check, applies the modifiers to the right, and compares the resulting value to the table below to determine how much information the tracker learns of his quarry. A check is made for every hour of tracking. You can usually take 10.

A character can only move at one-half of what his speed would otherwise be while tracking.

If a character or a group of characters wish to hide their tracks while moving, they may only move at one-half of what their speed would otherwise be. One person makes a general Survival check. Each point by which this check beats a DC of 20 gives the tracker a -1 penalty to his Survival(Track) check.

Result Knowledge Gained
<20 Trail lost. Must take 1d4 hours and beat a DC of 25 to find it again
20 Direction of travel
25 Within 1d4 of the number of characters in the group
30 The actions of the characters with their movement
35 Whether or not any of the characters are injured
45+ Specific details about one or more of the characters


Survival is always quite hard,

You must honestly be on your guard,

And that's why for me,

The sole way to be,

Is a Ranger, and never a Bard.