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Skill List

General Skill — Agility

The Stealth skill is used when a character wants to move and operate while remaining undetected.

Stealth is used against other characters' Awareness checks.

If the sneaker's Stealth check is beaten by an opponent's Awareness check, the opponent becomes aware of the sneaker's position.

Stealth is used as part of a Move action if moving, or is used on its own if not moving. Characters can only move at half their speed while using Stealth. A character using the Move Silently skill while not moving gains a +5 bonus to the check.

Specific Uses


In order to be able to hide, a character must be able to duck behind an object.

If a character is being observed in any way, he cannot hide. Line if sight must be broken in order to hide.

A character can attempt to hide in shadows without anything to hide behind by taking a -10 penalty.

Move Silently

The Move Silently action is opposed by an Awareness(Listen) check.

The surface a character is on can affect the Stealth(Move Silently) check.

Surface Check Mod
Soft Carpeting +2
Grass -0
Gravel -2
Snow or thick underbrush -4

You must move at no more than 1/2 your speed or you automatically fail.


The Camouflage skill assists in making Hide and Move Silently checks, representing a character's skill in creating camouflage to better hide oneself, or others, and also the ability to quiet equipment and pad feet for quieter movement.

A Camouflage check takes about two minutes. The effects of the check last for a number of minutes equal to the bonus provided times five. A new check must be made for every person, object, or abnormally large piece of equipment.

You can Take 10 on a Camouflage check, but never Take 20. Taking 10 takes twenty minutes.

To redo a Camouflage check, you must start over.

Effect Base DC
Provide a Hide bonus 15
Provide a Move Silently bonus 20

By meeting the Base DC, the camouflage check grants a +2 bonus to the recipient. For every five points the DC is exceeded, the bonus increases by +2.

The Camouflage skill can also be used to disguise and hide items. When the skill is used in this way, the camouflage check is opposed directly by an observer's Awareness checks for the purposes of discerning the item. Size modifiers apply as well.

Skill Tiers

This skill starts at Tier Zero. The upgrade cost of skill tiers is 2 + (Current Skill Tier x2) Upgrade Points.

Tier One

A character with Tier One Stealth can take a -10 penalty to his Stealth check in order to move at his normal speed.

Tier Two

A character with Tier Two Stealth can deny himself his Dexterity to his AC while using Stealth and not moving to gain an additional +5 bonus to his Stealth check. This is used in cases where not being detected is of utmost importance and represents a character using all of his concentration to remain perfectly still.

Tier Three

A character with Tier Three Stealth can take an extra round before performing an action to gain an additional +4 bonus on all attempts to use Stealth and that action concurrently for the next 1d4+1 minutes.

This represents time spent to quickly blacken the face, wrap feet or tools in cloth, secure weapons to body so as not to shift and make noise, and so on.