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Skill List

A "Skill" is a numerical representation of a character's ability to complete an action.

In general, the success of an action is determined by:

  1. Determining what Skill the action falls under
  2. Determining what ability the action uses
  3. Rolling a d20
  4. Adding in Modifiers

If the resulting number is at or above the DC, the action is successful. Otherwise, the action fails.

Types of Skills

There are two types of skills: General Skills and Specialized Skills. However, all skills have these similar qualities:

  • Family Modifier
The Family Modifier is a number that determines how good characters are at performing actions tied to the Skill.
  • Specialization
Characters can specialize in specific actions that fall under the Skill, increasing the Action Modifier when that action is attempted. This costs less than increasing the Family Modifier, but doesn't transfer to any other action.

General Skills

General skills consist of an amalgamation of actions that fall under a particular theme. These skills aren't attached to a particular Ability Score. The ability is chosen by the GM based on the action being performed.

Actions can exist in two General Skills at the same time. For example, jumping exists both within Acrobatics and Athletics. When a character attempts to jump for distance, such as trying to leap a 20-foot gap, the character would use the Athletics skill. If the character was attempting to jump precisely to the top of a pole, however, he would utilize the Acrobatics skill.

Specialized Skills

Specialized skills are quite similar to General skills, with the key exception that in order to attempt any of the actions detailed in the Skill, the character must specialize in that action. The Skill still has a Family Modifier, however, so the entire Skill can be advanced at the same time.

Using a Skill

  1. Determine what Skill the action falls under
  2. Determine the DC of the action
  3. Determine what ability the action uses
  4. Roll a skill check

Skill Check: 1d20 + Attached Ability Score + Family Modifier + Specialization Modifier (if any) + Miscellaneous Modifiers (if any)

If the resulting number is at or above the DC, the action is successful. Otherwise, the action fails.

Advancing a Skill

Skills can be advanced upon leveling up by spending upgrade points. A skill's Family Modifier is limited by the Maximum Skill Modifier for the character's new level. A skill's action's Modifier has no limit.

Advancement Cost*
Increase skill's Family Modifier by 1 1 point
Increase a skill specialization's Modifier by 2 1 point