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Skill List

General Skill — Intellect

Rig covers all actions that have to do with the real-life application of practical mechanics. This includes determining how a mechanical system works, modifying or destroying mechanical systems, and creating mechanical systems.

Specific Uses


Use this skill to determine exactly how a mechanical system works. The time it takes to deduce this is proportional to how difficult the system is.

System DC Example Time Taken
Basic 10 A lever set up to push a rock 1 round
Simple 15 A simple lock 1 minute
Intricate 20 A pulley mechanism attached to a ratcheting lever 2 Minutes
Complex 25 The spring and gear mechanism in a spring-loaded blade 1 hour
Overly Complex 30 The internals of a clock or watch One Day
Insanely Complex 40 The internals of a clockwork machine One Week

For every 5 points that the check exceeds the DC, the time taken is reduced by a quarter.


Complexity Modifiers
Complexity DC mod Time Unit
Basic -5 Rounds
Simple -- Minutes
Intricate + 5 Hours
Complex +10 Days
Overly Complex +15 Weeks
Insanely Complex +20 Months

Use this action after using the Deduction action to change or affect a mechanical system. The time it takes to perform this action depends on the action and the complexity of the system being modified.

Action DC Example Time Taken
Disable 10 Remove a key component 1 unit
Sabotage 20 Make the system fail after 1d4 + 2 uses 2 units
Change Result 25 Make a trap spring when disarmed 2 units
Simplify* 30 Reduce the number of parts necessary 4 units

* - Either reduces complexity level by one or reduces cost of production by a quarter at GM's discretion

Opening a lock that operates under a mechanism other than a tumbler and pins (using Open Lock, below) counts as Change Result, above.

For every 5 points that the check exceeds the DC, the time taken is reduced by a quarter.


Use this action to create a system from scratch or to reproduce a system that has already been deduced. Creating a system from scratch adds 10 to the DC.

This action does not apply to manufactured items. A lock may be able to be deduced and modified, but a lock still must be made with the Craft skill

Note that no system over an Intricate complexity can be made with this action. More complicated systems must be manufactured as per the Craft skill.

Complexity DC Example Time Taken
Basic 15 Setting up a pulley system 10 minutes
Simple 20 Set up a basic shelter 1 hour
Intricate 25 Set up a simple trip-wire trap 2 hours

For every 5 points that the check exceeds the DC, the time taken is reduced by a quarter.

Open Lock

This action is used specifically for picking locks. This action may only be used when the character can recognize and access the lock and when the lock is a standard type of lock (key in hole). Non-standard locks, and locks that cannot be picked (such as combination locks), fall under the jurisdiction of the other Rig actions.

Lock Complexity DC* Example Time Taken**
Simple 15 A one or two pin lock 30 seconds
Intricate 25 A lock with many pins 3 minutes
Complex 30 A Masterwork lock 6 minutes
Overly Complex 35 A unique lock 10 minutes

*Attempting to pick a lock without proper tools increases the DC by 5.

**For every 5 points that the check exceeds the DC, the time taken is reduced by a quarter.

Use Rope

This action is used specifically for the manipulation of rope, including tying knots.

Action DC Time Taken
Tie or untie a simple knot 15 1 round
Tie or untie a complex knot 20 30 seconds
Tie or untie a unique/special knot 35 2 minutes
Throw and secure a grappling hook 20 + 2 for every 5 feet of distance 6 AP

For every 5 points that the check exceeds the DC, the time taken is reduced by a quarter.

This is the skill used to tie someone up. Checks to escape are made against the check made to bind you.

Skill Tiers

This skill starts at Tier Zero. The upgrade cost of skill tiers is 2 + (Current Skill Tier x2) Upgrade Points.

Tier One

Characters with Tier One Rig may use their Rig skill when searching for traps instead of Awareness.

Tier Two

A character with Tier Two Rig is able to deduce, modify, and create mechanical systems at 2/3rds the time. The character has developed mental structures for quickly understanding groups of components, improving the speed at which he parses systems.

Tier Three

A character with Tier Three Rig can create Complex systems without using the Craft skill. This allows him to create such systems as pressure-plate traps or water wheels provided he has access to the appropriate materials. The time it takes to create a Complex system is 1 week.