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Skill List

Specialization Skill — Intellect

The Profession skill represents a character's experience in certain practical fields. Theoretically there are an unlimited number of professions (unlike Craft), from the very broad to the excessively specific. Those listed below are some common divisions.

While its primary, simple use is the running of businesses and the acquisition of wealth, the Profession skill's largest and most impressive use is the planning and direction of projects. Large structures, such as houses, and large projects, such as a sailing ship, require one or more profession checks to design in addition to the necessary craft checks for construction.

Replacing other Skills

Simply being a member of a profession may equip you with skills you would not otherwise have. At the GM's discretion, profession may be used to substitute for other skills, albeit only for checks with low DCs, and often at a penalty. For example, sailors all will know some basic carpentry, some basic sewing skills, and will have at least some experience climbing around in rigging, if they have worked on a large enough ship. For this reason a GM might rule that a character who had no ranks in Craft (Carpentry), Craft (Sailmaking), or Athletics (Climb) could substitute a Profession (Sailor) check, though only for simple checks in these skills, and most likely at a -4 penalty.

Divisions of Profession

Division Example use of the skill
Architecture Designing structures
Baking Baking bread, pastries
Farmer Sewing seeds, harvesting, predicting weather
Merchant Haggling, selling goods
Sailor Basic Navigation, Tending/Repairing a ship

Shipwright Building and designing boats