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Skill List

Specialized Skill — Charisma

The Perform skill allows characters to play instruments, sing, dance, or act. A character improves his ability to perform by instrument.

If a character uses an instrument in the same Division as an instrument he has specialized in, the character may use his specialized instruments modifier to perform with that instrument with a -4 penalty. For example, if a character has specialized in Perform(violin), and wants to play a cello, he may use his Perform(violin) modifier with a -4 penalty to play a cello.

A character automatically fails any attempt with an instrument if he does not possess any ranks in any instruments in that family.

If a character starts to improve an instrument that is in the same division as another instrument he has specialized in, the new specialization automatically (at no cost) has a number of ranks equal to the first instrument's ranks -4.

Perform Check Results
Check Result
15 Basic performance
20 Enjoyable performance
25 Impressive performance
30 Amazing performance
35 Incredible performance

Divisions of Perform

Division Example
Acting Comedy, drama
Brass Trumpet, Trombone
Dance Ballroom, Square
Fretted Strings Lute, Guitar
Non-Fretted Strings Violin, Cello
Keyboards Harpsichord, Piano, Organ
Percussion Drums, bells
Singing No individual instruments
Spoken Word Story telling, Poetry, Oratory
Woodwind Flute, Oboe