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Getting Started
  1. What is a Tabletop RPG?
  2. Fundamental Statistics
  3. Creating a Character
  4. Adventuring Groups
Foundational Play
  1. Using Skills
  2. Basic Combat
  3. Core Magic Mechanics
  4. Leveling Up
Advanced Play
  1. Character Building
  2. Advanced Combat Techniques
  3. Interacting With the World

Welcome to the Legends of Cphera Wiki

Legends of Cphera is a table-top role-playing game that is currently in development. It hopes to be a new and inventive take on classic fantasy archetypes, providing easy to grasp, but deep rules, innovative new mechanics, and a unique and richly detailed world.

Legends of Cphera is being developed primarily by Taylor Hadden, a Champlain College Game Design graduate, and Ethan Peery, an experimental psychologist with an enduring interest in game design. This project is the culmination of their goals to create a better fantasy role-playing system that capitalizes upon the powerful fact that a tabletop role-playing game is played with people and thereby allows for more player agency than any other gaming medium.

If you'd like to contact us, you can email the Legends team.

To New Users:

If you have discovered Cphera and would like to get involved in the project, you can make an account here on the wiki. You are free to post comments or questions concerning the rules within any of the "Discussion" or "Talk" pages on the wiki. Additionally, feel free to edit your User Page to add anything you wish concerning your role-playing experiences, how you found us, or anything else!

We hope you stick around and help us make the best game we can.