Legendary Feats

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Legendary Feats are only available to characters above the Legendary Stage. Legendary feats are exceptionally powerful. They bend and twist the rules of the game to the breaking point, and oftentimes past it.

Because of the exceptionally powerful nature of Legendary Feats, they are quite expensive.

General Legendary Feats

Feat Name Cost Prerequisites Benefits
Death from Everywhere 8 10 Agility, Greater Two Weapon Fighting When wielding two weapons, Flank an opponent all by yourself
Freedom of Motion 10 10 Speed (Primary Ability), Improved Initiative, Combat Reflexes Act at any time during other characters' turns
Mythical Ability 12 At least two physical scores above 10 Increase a physical score by one point

Legendary Magic Feats

Affects magical abilities.

Feat Name Cost Prerequisites Benefits
Permamancer 6 10 ranks in the Time Discipline, spellcasting score of 10 or better Have only a 50% chance of losing capacity when making spells permanent.