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Skill List

Specialization Skill — Intellect

The Knowledge skill represents character's understanding of a specific field of study. A character uses the Knowledge skill when he wants to recall information that pertains to his chosen fields of study.

When making a Knowledge check for information, refer to the following chart for determining the DC of the check.

Obscurity of Information DC Example base on a city
Easy 15 The location of the city, the current ruler
Basic 20 The founders of the city, key features
Advanced 25 The details on the city's economy, the people close to the ruler
Rare 30 The schedule of the city guard, the location of a particular religious artifact
Obscure 40 The identity of the man who brings the ruler his coffee

Divisions of Knowledge

A character can specialize in any topic. A few example divisions are below.

Division Example information
Mountaineering The proper equipment to use, the wildlife found in the mountains
A particular City or Region The details on the people, culture, and history
A particular Culture or Religion The details of scripture, history, gods, customs
Herbology The properties of plants

Knowledge (Magic)

Knowledge (Magic) has special uses, the most common of which is in Counterspells. It is also used to overcome Spell Resistance. It may be used as a normal division of Knowledge as well.