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Getting Started
  1. What is a Tabletop RPG?
  2. Fundamental Statistics
  3. Creating a Character
  4. Adventuring Groups
Foundational Play
  1. Using Skills
  2. Basic Combat
  3. Core Magic Mechanics
  4. Leveling Up
Advanced Play
  1. Character Building
  2. Advanced Combat Techniques
  3. Interacting With the World

Legends of Cphera is a tabletop role-playing game. Tabletop RPGs are effectively complex board games. Universally, these games involve the Players of the game working through a Game Master to interact with a fantastical world that exists in their imaginations. The Players each control a single character in this game world, called a "Player Character" or PC. A player's task is to effectively become his or her character and Role-play that character's actions.

The Game Master, or GM, controls the entire world. He or she assumes the identity and controls the actions of every single character in the world that the Players don't control (the "NPCs", or Non-Player Characters). The GM serves as the architect of the Players' adventures, and the whole group works as a team to delve into the world they have created for themselves.


Role-playing is an art form. It forms the backbone of any RPG, and its importance should never be neglected. Role-playing is the ultimate form of acting. It requires a player to step into the shoes of his or her character and to respond to situations, problems, and threats as that character would, not necessarily as the player would.

In order to accomplish this task, a role-player must know what drives his or her character. The player must know the character's hopes, dreams, fears, hates, and loves. Decisions must be made on the spot, and a true role-player will not hesitate; she will know her character so well that his actions will be obvious to her.

Game Mechanics

Legend of Cphera operates on the rules that can be found on this wiki. The Game Master is responsible for teaching new players these rules and for enforcing the rules while in play.

At the core of Cphera is a simple mechanic for determining success or failure of any given action. Whenever a character tries to do something, such as leap across rooftops, strike an enemy, or convince a guard that he should ignore the dead body at his feet, the player rolls dice to determine the outcome.

The roll is made against a number that determines the difficulty of the roll called the Difficulty Class or DC.

20-sided die + applicable modifiers

If the sum total of the roll ends up being higher than the DC, the action was successful. If the roll is less than the DC, the action is unsuccessful.