Established Feats

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Established Feats are only available to characters at or above the Established Stage. Established feats go above and beyond Novice feats. While they may be more expensive, the powers they offer are quite potent.

General Established Feats

Feat Name Cost Prerequisites Benefits
Close Shot 4 Point Blank Shot, Dodge, 7 Agility Don't Present an Opening when firing into an adjacent hex
Threatening Shot 6 Close Shot, Agility 8 Use ranged attacks as Actions of Opportunity
—— Improved Threatening Shot 6 Precise Shot, Threatening Shot, Agility 9 Use ranged attacks as Actions of Opportunity within 10 feet
Harrying Shot 4 Point Blank Shot, 7 Agility, 5 Will Reduce enemy's ability to act upon a successful hit.
Rapid Shot 6 Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Speed 7 Reduce the AP of ranged attacks by 2 in exchange for a -2 attack roll penalty.
Constant Shield 6 Improved Shield Use, CA +12, Agility 4 No longer lose your shield bonus to AC when Flat-footed.
Economy of Action 6 6 Intuition, 8 Agility, +6 Concentration Choose a type of combat action, other than Attack or Move Action. This action now costs 1 less AP than normal.
Economy of Aggression 6 Economy of Action, Weapon Focus, CA +18, 8 Agility Choose a weapon with which you have Weapon Focus. Attacks with that weapon now cost 1 less AP. Cannot reduce cost below 2 AP.
Economy of Motion 6 Economy of Action, Combat Reflexes, CA +14, 8 Agility, 8 Speed In combat, you get one free move action if you have not taken damage since your last turn.
Exceptional Ability 8 At least two physical scores above 6 Increase a physical score under 12 by one point
Fugitive Step 6 Traceur, +8 Acrobatics Move on walls and ceilings
Greater Counter 8 Improved Counter, Overtaking Counter, +18 CA, 6 Speed Successful attacks from Counters deal double damage instead of the +2 from Overtaking Counter.
Greater Grapple 4 6 Strength, 6 Agility, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple Further +4 to all Grapple checks, total of +8
Choke Hold 4 Greater Grapple, Strength 6 Pinned opponents take 1d12 + Strength Sublethal Damage per round
Mechanical Advantage 6 Greater Grapple Make a Grapple check against pinned opponents to break limbs
Greater Two Weapon Fighting 6 +12 Combat Ability, Improved Two Weapon Fighting Further reduces the penalties of fighting with two weapons by -2/-2
Greater Unarmed Strike 4 Improved Unarmed Strike, Strength 6 Unarmed strikes deal 1d8 points of damage with a x3 crit
Concussive Strike 6 Greater Unarmed Strike, Strength 8 Unarmed strike deals half damage for a chance to Stun opponents
Launching Strike 6 Greater Unarmed Strike, Strength 8 Spend 2 extra AP to Shift opponents with unarmed strikes
Splintering Strike 6 Greater Unarmed Strike, Improved Trip, Strength 8, Agility 6 Break a grabbed opponent's limbs
Leadership 6 None Gain access to the Leadership skill, create information networks, gain help from experts and professionals at reduced to no cost.
Lock On 6 Point Blank Shot, Marksman, Precise Shot, Agility 6, Intuition 7 Every consecutive hit on the same target gives a +2 to attack for the same target, up to a maximum of your Inu, so long as you don't change targets.
Perfected Persona 4 +8 Disguise, Have assumed the persona 4 times in the past Take 10 and get a +4 bonus on Disguise Checks when assuming a specific persona.
Rapid Unarmed Strike 6 Improved Unarmed Strike, Speed 6 Attacking with unarmed strikes costs 2 AP
Unarmed Flurry 4 Rapid Unarmed Strike, Speed 6 When attacking one opponent with unarmed attacks, take a cumulative -2 attack penalty to attack for 1 AP
—— Improved Unarmed Flurry 6 Unarmed Flurry, Speed 7 Reduces the penalty from Unarmed Flurry to a cumulative -1 attack penalty

Established Magic Feats

Affects magical abilities.

Feat Name Cost Prerequisites Benefits
Enchanter 4 5 ranks in any one discipline, spellcasting score of 6 or better No longer drop effects requiring Tenacity when you go to sleep or are knocked unconscious.
Familiar Spell 4 4 ranks in the Magic Discipline, spellcasting score of 8 or better, Improved Favored Spell For a spell with which you have Improved Favored Spell, cast for a cost of 2 capacity - no casting check is required.
Spellproof 6 5 ranks in the Magic Discipline, spellcasting score of 8 or better, Counterspelling Gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + Willpower + your ranks in Magic, so long as you are conscious..

Improved Favored Spell