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Skill List
Awareness Bonus for Familiarity
Observer is… Awareness
Intimately familiar +10
Close +8
Associates +6
Recognizes on sight +4
Passingly familiar +2

General Skill — Charisma

Disguise allows characters to cover their features, blend into a crowd, and impersonate individuals. A disguise check is opposed by an opponent's Awareness check.

Specific Uses

Change Appearance

This action allows characters to change or distort their facial features, or even change their weight and height, as part of a disguise.

The skill check for this part of a Disguise is done when the disguise is created and cannot be rerolled without starting from scratch. The time it takes to create and don a disguise is determined by the sum of the time taken for each change.

Change Roll modifier Example Time Taken
Minor facial feature –– A fake mustache 30 seconds
Major facial feature -2 Change shape of one's nose 5 minutes
Major physical feature -4 Change color of one's skin 10 minutes
Minor physical feature -2 Increase weight by 10% 5 minutes

Any Disguise checks made to change a character's appearance without having suitable materials receives a -5 penalty and takes four times as long.


This action allows characters to impersonate a specific individual. It covers an individual's voice, affectations, and behavior. The check is made whenever the character interacts with a suspicious individual. If a suspicious person fails the disguised character's Change Appearance check by 5 or more, he takes a -5 penalty to his Awareness check for interacting with the disguised character.

The disguised character is subject to the following roll modifiers

Situation Check mod
Playing a made-up person +5
Impersonating a person of a different culture -5
Impersonating a person of a different age -2

Note that these disguises are usually easily penetrated without either good Lies or Forged Documents.


This action allows characters to disappear into crowds of people even while being observed. This action cannot be used when there is no crowd to disappear into.

If a character's physical disguise hasn't been compromised and isn't unique to the area (such as a guard's uniform or priest robes), the disguised character gains a +5 bonus to this check.

Situation Check Mod
Dense crowd +5
Sparse crowd -5
Character is in different culture -2†
Character is wearing flashy clothing -5†

† - These modifiers obviously apply only if the character's clothing differs from the crowd's. If the character's clothing matches the culture he is in, or if the character is wearing a jester's outfit in the middle of a festival, these penalties don't apply.