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Skill List

General Skill — Intuition and Intellect

Awareness covers characters' ability to perceive and keep track of their surroundings. Uses of Awareness include noticing details through a quick glance, listening to one's surroundings, and methodically searching an area.

Actions Covered

  • Spot
  • Listen
  • Search

Specific Uses


Intuition Spot is the natural counter to the Stealth skill's Hide action. If a character's Awareness(Spot) check is over the hider's Stealth(hide) check, the spotter sees the hider.

The use of Spot is a free action.

Characters not actively using spot (IE: A person not actively watching a room or a guard post) receives a -5 penalty to their check.


Intuition Listen is the natural counter to the Stealth skill's Move Silently action. If a character's Awareness(Listen) check is over the Stealth(Move Silently) check of the character that is trying to sneak, the listener hears the sneaking character.

The use of Listen is a free action.

Characters not actively listening receive a -5 penalty to their check.


Intellect The Search action cannot be performed in combat. In general, it takes five minutes per 5-foot hex to thoroughly search the area.

Action DC Time taken
Item is in plain view 10 Time is halved
Item is stored in a chest or similar container 15 Normal time
Item is hidden (under a bed, slipped in between books) 20 150% time (Time and a half)
Item is hidden well (item with a hollow compartment, in the stuffing of a pillow) 30 Double time
Item is hidden deviously well (expertly crafted secret compartment) 35 Triple time

Exceptionally well-chosen hiding spots may have even higher DCs.

Skill Tiers

This skill starts at Tier Zero. The upgrade cost of skill tiers is 2 + (Current Skill Tier x2) Upgrade Points.

Tier One

A character with Tier One Awareness has a chance (25% + Total Awareness(Search) Modifier) to find the item he is looking for in half the time.

Tier Two

A character with Tier Two Awareness gains a +4 bonus to his Initiative check.

Tier Three

A character with Tier Three Awareness is treated as always actively observing his surroundings for the purposes of the Spot and Listen actions.