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Skill List

General Skill — Strength

The Athletics skill covers actions that require large amounts of physical exertion.

Actions Covered

  • Jumping
  • Swimming
  • Climbing
  • Prolonged Exertion

Specific Uses


A jumping action is used concurrently with a move action. Characters must still move the number of feet that they jump through movement actions. The following table of jump distance DCs assumes that the character is getting a 20 foot running start. If this is not the case, the DC goes up by 15.

A character's maximum horizontal jump distance is equal to double his or her speed.

A character's maximum vertical jump is equal to his or her height.

Action DC
Lateral Jump
- 5 feet 10
- 10 feet 15
- 15 feet 25
- 20 feet 35
- 25 feet 45
- 30 feet 55
Vertical Jump*
-1 foot 8
- 2 feet 14
- 3 feet 18
- 4 feet 24
- 5 feet 30
- 6 feet 34
- 7 feet 40
- 8 feet 46
Reduce the fall damage of a downward jump by 10 feet 15

* This is in addition to vertical reach. The average human can reach 8 feet without jumping


A swimming action is used concurrently with a movement action. Swimming costs double movement, AKA: for every 10 feet of movement a character spends, that character moves 5 feet.

Action DC
Calm water 15
Rough water 20
Stormy water 25
Swimming with the current -5
Swimming against the current +10
Swimming with equipment -2 for every 10 lbs over a light load

Every half hour you swim you must make a fortitude save (DC 20+2 per previous attempt) or take 1d6 points of Sublethal Damage, bypassing normal sublethal damage reduction. If you fail two of these checks in a row you become Fatigued.


The climbing action is used in concert with a move action. Characters move at one quarter their speed. Characters who fail a check waste their move attempt. If characters fail by 5 or more, they lose their grip and fall.

Action DC Modifier
Climbing in a chimney -10
Climbing between two walls at a 90º angle -5
Slippery surface +5
Climbing… DC
Rope with a wall to brace against 10
Knotted Rope 10
Rope without a wall 15
Surface with plentiful handholds 20
Surface with limited handholds 25
Surface with no handholds 30
Ceiling with handholds 35
A nearly smooth surface (brick wall) 40
A perfectly smooth surface (glass, polished stone) 60

Skill Tiers

This skill starts at Tier Zero. The upgrade cost of skill tiers is 2 + (Current Skill Tier x2) Upgrade Points.

Tier One

A character with Tier One Athletics can substitute an Athletics check attached to his Constitution score in place of a Fortitude Save when attempting to prevent fatigue from extended exertion.

Tier Two

A character with Tier Two Athletics reduces his Sublethal Damage at twice the normal rate: 2 x Constitution + Character level for every night of sleep.

Tier Three

A character with Tier Three Athletics can exert himself for twice as long before having to make a check to fend off sublethal damage.

Further Tiers

Further tiers can give you increased Hit Points, as described on that page.