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Ability Damage

A damaged ability score recovers at a rate of 1 point per week. The Heal skill cannot help improve this healing rate.

Permanent Ability Damage

Ability damage that is specifically permanent cannot be recovered without the use of magic or Surgery. The cost of magically healing this Flesh (for physical scores) or Mind (for mental scores) with a DC of 30 and a capacity cost of 2, in addition to normal costs.

Every character in LoC has eight Core Ability Scores. Core Abilities are the backbone of every character.

  • Abilities have a floor of zero. An ability score that hits zero will either disable or kill the character.
  • Novice characters have an average score of 3. Their Primary Ability will be in the 4-5 range.
  • There is no limit to Ability Scores, but anything above a 10 is considered beyond exceptional. Anything past a 13 is superhuman and beyond normal human ability.

Each Ability has Ability Features, new skills and powers that a character gains as his or her Ability Score increases. All characters gain the Standard Features when they pass the specified Ability Score, but only characters who have declared an a Ability as their Primary Ability will be able to access that Ability's Primary Features.

If ability damage (see right) drives you below the threshold for a certain ability, you lose that ability until you recover the ability score necessary to have it.


Strength determines how strong characters are. Specifically, it defines brute force.

  • Zero - The character is too weak to move and is Disabled. He can barely lift his own arm, effectively bedridden.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Power Attack, Immense Strength*
7 Easy Exertion, Iron Grip*
9 Second Chance, Rockhammer Fist*
11 Simple Exertion, Vice Grip*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Power Attack - The character may take a penalty of up to 1/2 his strength score (rounded down) to an attack in exchange for gaining the same amount towards damage should it be successful.

Easy Exertion - When in non-stressful situations, characters may Take 10 on skill checks involving Strength even if the rules don't normally allow them to.

Second Chance - When characters fail a skill check involving Strength, they may immediately re-roll the check. They take the second result, even if it is worse.

Simple Exertion - Characters may Take 10 on skill checks involving Strength even in stressful situations.

Primary Features

Immense Strength - Characters may add 2 additional points of damage to their attacks when their Strength is applied. This bonus increases to +4 at Ability Level 9, and +6 at Ability Level 11.

Iron Grip - Characters receive a +4 bonus when Grappling and may deal Normal Damage instead of Sublethal Damage while in a grapple.

Rockhammer Fist - Characters' unarmed attacks deal 1d6 points of Normal Damage instead of Sublethal Damage. The attacks still provoke an attack of opportunity. However, if the characters have the Unarmed Strike feat, their damage increases to 1d8 points.

Vice Grip - While Grappling, characters may deal 1d12 points of Sublethal or Normal Damage for every 5 points their grapple check exceeds their opponents'.


Endurance determines how much physical punishment the character can take. It defines the characters Health and Fatigue, the character's resistance to the elements, and the character's resistance to disease.

  • Zero - The character is Dead. His heart is too weak to keep beating.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Combat Stamina 1, Incredible Health*
7 Stout Heart, Thick Hide 2/-*
9 Combat Stamina 2, Insurmountable Health*, 4/-*
11 Amazing Stamina, Steadfast Constitution*, 6/-*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Combat Stamina - If characters spend more AP than their Endurance, they may ignore up to 2 points of the subsequent Sublethal Damage. This threshold increases to 4 points at Ability Level 9.

Stout Heart - Characters may immediately re-roll a failed Endurance check made to resist fatigue and sublethal damage effects. They must take the second result, even if it is lower than the first roll.

Amazing Stamina - Characters recover their Sublethal Damage at a rate equal to their level per hour. This does not allow you to overquickly recover damage gained from exhaustion or environmental effects - these can only be regained after the appropriate amount of rest or recovery.

Primary Features

Incredible Health - Characters gain an additional 3 hit points per level. This health is added retroactively.

Thick Hide - Characters gain the benefits of Damage Reduction 2/-. At Ability Level 9, this increases to 4/-, and increases to 6/- at Ability Level 11.

Insurmountable Health - Characters can opt to spend 1d4 + 4 points of Capacity and be instantly healed by a quarter of their total health. Health that exceeds the characters' max HP disappears after ten minutes.

Steadfast Constitution - Characters may Take 10 on any check that involves their Endurance.


A character's agility determines how much control he has over his body, how aware he is of his balance, and his manual dexterity.

  • Zero - The character lacks the coordination for cohesive motor functions and is effectively Disabled. Any attempted actions either won't result in anything or will cause violent seizures.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Nimble Feet 1, Unwinking*
7 Balanced, Acrobatic Movement*
9 Nimble Feet 2, Opportunist*
11 Deft Acrobat, Evasion*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Nimble Feet - If characters spend more AP than their Agility, they may ignore up to 2 points of the subsequent Agility penalty. This threshold increases to 4 points at Ability Level 9.

Balanced - Character's may ignore the -10 penalty for using the Balance skill while moving at full speed.

Deft Acrobat - Characters may Take 10 on Acrobatics checks, even in stressful situations and in combat.

Primary Features

Unwinking - Characters may retain their Agility to their Defense in instances where it is normally denied, such as being Flat-footed. This benefit doesn't apply if the characters are bound or in any other way Helpless.

Acrobatic Movement - When climbing a surface that is equal to or less than a character's single move action, the character may make a DC: 20 Acrobatics check to cover that distance in one move action. This move can be attempted for surfaces higher than one move action, but the character must grab onto the surface with an Climb check (Surface DC + 10) in order to maintain a hold.

Additionally, the character can make multiple usages of the Acrobatics skill within one movement action, rather than only once per movement action.

Opportunist - When an opponent's attack misses by more than 5, characters may make an Action of Opportunity against that opponent.

Evasion - When characters make a Reflex Save to receive half damage and succeed, they instead receive no damage. Additionally, even if they fail their Saves, they only take half damage.


A character's speed determines his reaction time and the swiftness of his movements.

  • Zero - The character's reaction time is so slow that everything around him moves incredibly fast, far too fast for him to react. To an outside observer, the character moves as if in slow motion, effectively Disabling the character.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Dominant Initiative, Rapid Steps*
7 Five-Foot Dodge, Instant Pursuit*
9 Many Step, Accelerating Initiative*
11 First Action, Lighting Strike*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Dominant Initiative - Characters automatically win ties when determining initiative. Characters that have Speed as a Primary Ability automatically win ties when both parties in a tie have Dominant Initiative. Otherwise, ties between characters with Dominant Initiative are resolved normally.

Five-Foot Dodge - When attacked, characters can spend 2 AP to take a 5-foot Shift away from their attacker. This action nullifies the attack.

Many Step - Characters may make up to two 5-foot Shifts on their turn for no AP cost, instead of only one.

First Action - On the first round of combat, so long as a character is aware of his or her opponents, that character may spend an additional 4 AP.

Primary Features

Rapid Steps - Characters gain an additional five feet to their base land speed. This bonus increases to a total of ten additional feet at Ability Level 9.

Instant Pursuit - If the opponent a character attacks uses the Five-Foot Dodge action, the attacking character may spend 1 AP to move after the fleeing opponent. This cancels the effects of Five-Foot Dodge.

Accelerating Initiative - At the beginning of every round, characters may make an Initiative check against a DC of 25. If they succeed the check, they move up one position in initiative order. If they fail the check by 5 or more, they fall down one position in the initiative order.

Lightning Strike - Characters may accept a -4 penalty to their attacks to reduce the AP cost of those attacks by 2. An attack action cannot cost less than 1 AP.


A character's intellect defines their fluid intelligence. The character's intellect is the representation of his raw cognitive power.

  • Zero - The character is completely brain dead and Disabled. The character is a comatose vegetable.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Double Check, Apprenticeship*
7 Thinker, Group Tactics*
9 Cool Under Pressure, Planner*
11 No Room for Error, Skill Excellency*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Double Check - Characters may re-roll any one skill check a day. Every other Ability Level (7, 9, and 11), characters gain an additional daily re-roll.

Thinker - Characters may use their Intellect ability score when using the Awareness, Heal, Negotiate, and Survival skills.

Cool Under Pressure - Characters may Take 10 in stressful or dangerous situations with any skill that they have at least a +5 Family Modifier. This only applies if the skill allows for taking 10 to be used at all.

No Room for Error - Characters may treat a natural roll that falls below five as a natural five, so long as the skill being used has a Family Modifier of at least +8.

Primary Features

Apprenticeship - Whenever characters retry or re-roll a failed skill check, they gain a +2 bonus on that check. This bonus is cumulative, up to a maximum of +6. This bonus lasts for 24 hours, but only for the specific task originally attempted.

Group Tactics - For every ally within ten feet of the character, the character and his allies gain a +1 Combat Ability bonus, up to a maximum bonus of 1/2 of the character's Intellect ability. At Ability Level 11, the effect range increases to 15 feet. The character must be able to speek or otherwise communicate with his allies, and his allies must be able to hear or see this communication. This effect does not stack with other characters with the same ability.

Planner - Characters may make a planning check (d20 + Intellect), taking up two minutes, in order to gain a momentary bonus on a specific skill check. If the check exceeds 20, and for every 5 points thereafter, the characters gain a +4 bonus on that task.

Skill Excellency - When characters Take 10, they gain a +5 bonus to the result, so long as the skill isn't being used with Cool Under Pressure. Additionally, taking 20 takes half as long, requiring only ten times the normal time it takes to complete a task instead of twenty.


A character's willpower determines how much mental punishment he can take. It determines the strength of his focus and resolve.

  • Zero - The character is incapable of focussing on anything for more than a few seconds or is hopelessly demoralized and depressed. The character is Disabled, as he cannot hold a thought in his head.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Practiced Concentration, Easy Concentration*
7 Driven, Spell Resistance*
9 Willful Stamina, Ignore Pain*
11 Perfect Resolve, Eschew Sustenance*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Practiced Concentration - Characters may Take 10 on their Concentration checks while in non-stressful situations. This mostly applies to maintaining focus and awareness when in a non-combat situation.

Driven - Once per day, after completing a roll, you may add 5 to that roll, even if it changes the success.

Willful Stamina - Characters may use their Will Save instead of their Fortitude Save to resist Fatigue effects. Characters may also use their Willpower instead of Endurance for sublethal damage resistance.

Perfect Resolve - Once per day, the character can add their willpower score to a single roll, pouring all their resolve into this one action. They may also take temporary willpower damage to increase this bonus. For each point it is lowered they gain a +2 to the roll. The damage is gained back normally (see above).

Primary Features

Easy Concentration - Characters may Take 10 on their Concentration checks while in Combat or other stressful situations.

Spell Resistance - Characters gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + their level + Willpower.

Ignore Pain - When characters take damage, they may choose to ignore that damage by making a Will Save equal to the damage dealt plus any additional damage that is being ignored. Every round, even if no damage is taken, characters must make a Will Save against the amount of damage being ignored.

  • If the save fails, all currently ignored damage is dealt to the character instantly. This damage counts as a single attack when accounting for Massive Damage.
  • By making a Concentration check vs a DC of 30, a character may choose to release chunks of damage onto themselves over time. This allows a character to lower the amount of damage his is ignoring and avoid Massive Damage.

Eschew Sustenance - Characters may, at the beginning of every day, make a DC 40 Concentration check to ignore the effects of sleep deprivation for the past night and not require food or water for the rest of the day. Every consecutive day that a character uses this ability, whether or not previous days have succeeded, the DC goes up by 4.


A character's intuition determines how connected he is to the outside world. Intuition represents the innate awareness characters have with their surroundings and of those around them.

  • Zero - The character is completely detached from the world and is Disabled. The character is extremely schizophrenic, and cannot differentiate between what is real and what is simply in their imagination.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Careful, Aware*
7 Saw You Coming, Sixth Sense*
9 Confident Awareness, Sweep*
11 Unflappable, Lucky Guess*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Careful - Whenever a character with this ability comes within 30 feet of a secret door, trap, or other similar object or situation, they may make a Presage Save, DC: 20. Success means that the character knows of the existence of the hidden object, but not where it is; the character still must Search for it. For every 2 points that the Save result exceeds the DC, the caracter gains a +1 bonus to the Search check. This ability only works once per area - if Artemis misses a secret door, leaves the room, and comes back, she does not get another automatic attempt.

Saw You Coming - Characters gain a +4 bonus to their Initiative rolls.

Confident Awareness - Characters may Take 10 on Awareness and Survival checks when in non-combat situations.

Unflappable - Characters are no longer surprised in combat - they no longer take a -10 penalty to initiative and are no longer Off Guard when unaware of their attackers. See Initiative.

Primary Features

Aware - Characters are treated as always actively looking and listening in when making Spot and Listen checks.

Sixth Sense - If a character is attacked when he is Flat-footed, he may make an Presage Save against the value of the attack. If the save succeeds, the attacked character retains his Agility bonus to his AC.

Sweep - Characters may use a single Awareness(Spot) check to observe an area up to 40 feet in front of them. Characters will notice all non-concealed objects provided they roll a 20 or higher on the check. Characters will also see any hiding characters and concealed objects that their spot checks exceed.

Additionally, for every 5 points the check exceeds 20, the characters gain a +2 bonus on all Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth, and Awareness(Search) checks in the area for the next 24 hours. This bonus also vanishes if the space is modified so much as to become unrecognizable (building destroyed, earthquake, fire, etc.).

Lucky Guess - The character may add her Intuition to a number of rolls per day equal to 1/2 her level, rounded down. This includes attack and damage rolls, as well as spellcasting.


A character's charisma determines how connected he is to those he interacts with and determines how well that character knows himself. A strong charisma is indicative of a character's strong awareness of his soul. Charisma determines self-respect, self-image, and confidence.

  • Zero - The character's connection to his soul is severed, killing him instantly.

Ability Features

Value Features
5 Calming, Smooth Talker*
7 Relaxed Negotiator, Double Take*
9 Shadowy Intent, Inspiring*
11 Proper Confidence, Beguile*
* - Primary Feature

Standard Features

Calming – Characters gain a +4 bonus to Negotiate and Handle Animal checks when trying to calm down opponents or animals.

Relaxed Negotiator – Characters may Take 10 on Negotiate checks, even in situations that they normally wouldn't be allowed to do so.

Shadowy Intent – Characters gain a +4 bonus to Negotiate and Disguise checks when trying to hide their identity or motivations.

Proper Confidence – The Character may assume a roll of 15 (similar to Take 20) on up to three charisma-based rolls per day.

Primary Features

Smooth Talker – When using Negotiate to change another character's disposition, the target's disposition shifts one more slot than normal. This ability cannot be used to shift a target character's disposition to Enraged or Fanatic.

Double Take – Characters may re-roll a failed Negotiate, Disguise, or Perform check a number of times per day equal to 1/2 their Charisma values.

Inspiring – A character with the Inspiring ability feature is so emotionally uplifting that simply being around him encourages others to higher levels of ability. The Inspiring Character makes a Charisma check at the start of an encounter. If the check exceeds a DC of 20, and for every 5 points thereafter, allied characters within earshot of the Inspiring Character gain a +1 morale bonus towards Saves and Combat Ability.

Beguile – When in a noncombat situation, the character may attempt to win a character over to their side. They make a Negotiate check opposed by the target's Presage Save. If they win, the target's disposition shifts to Helpful, no matter what it was before. If they beat the target by 5 or more the target's disposition shifts to infatuated. This may even be used to change over an Enraged target, though it is hard to get such a target in a noncombat situation.

Such an attempt takes at least 10 minutes of conversation between the two parties. They must share a language and cannot be disturbed. It is best to do this alone, as every observer gives the negotiator a -1 penalty on this check, and malicious or worse observers give a -2.